Safety of Electric Motorcycles

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Something good is coming down the way for motorcycle riders out there. The dynamics to riding are ever changing and so are the news that go with them. Recently, reports show that there has been a decrease in motorcycle accidents in Australia by 10%. It may not seem that much of a big thing but the truth is it really matters. In some parts of the world, motorcycle related accidents are a major cause of fatalities. Most of the time, the leading cause of death in motorcycle accidents is the lack of wearing the proper safety riding gear. This is what usually keeps the death toll so high when it comes to vehicular accidents, apart from driver’s error and other factors. Other things such as improper motorcycle accessories also come into play. Modders out there should really think

The 10% drop meant that riders are actually being more careful when they are out on the road. The main thing here is road safety and motorcycles are more prone to accidents since most people would argue that balance is a big factor when riding a motorcycle. Still, other factors should be taken into account when it comes to actual road safety.

In other news, a new type of motorcycle has finally hit the roads of Australia. A new fully electric motorcycle design is now on the streets of Newcastle, proving that speed does not always come at the large expense of petroleum and added air pollution. The developer, Jon Eggenhuizen says that his Catavolt electric motorcycle can compete in the streets with prominent petrol fuelled bikes in aspects such as speed, mileage and range.

All the rave about everything going electric may be a passé but for motorcycle riders, it especially looks promising. Boasting the speeds of petrol bikes but with the almost eco-friendly characteristics of a bicycle, the two wheel speed electric motorcycle is a sight to see. It is powered by charging it with solar panels and is surprisingly very quiet when out on the road. Its speed does not interfere with the quieter motor if compared to gas guzzling petrol bikes.

The electric motorcycle is a bit pricey, though. Hitting the 18,000 dollar mark but you can save a lot more on the gas bills when it comes to prolonged use.

Motorcycles, like other machines rely on the dependability of its parts for superior performance and functionality. Having the right motorcycle accessories make sure that you don’t go bust on your bike whether on the fast lanes or just cruising around the city. Using the right helmets, brakes, and other accessories on your motorcycle is all that keeps you safe and riding nicely on the open.

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Hydac International Continues to Expand

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Hydac specializes in fluid technology and offers a wide range of products comprised of systems and drive units for your industrial machines. Hydac also offers technical services that are covered by the company’s framework.

Over the years, Hydac Group has been growing and effectively helping reduce their clients’ operational costs. In line with the company’s development, they continue to grow their network of partners in the following industries: hydraulic and mechanical presses, paper industry, marine and offshore technology, agricultural equipment, automotive industry, and plastic injection moulding machines among others. In fact, the company is setting up in Western and Eastern Cape, Kwazulu-Natal, Mpumulanga as well as in mining areas.

Three years back, Hydac made their hydraulic products available locally in Johannesburg. Through this new development, said region will now have access to process control, mobile hydraulics, and industrial hydraulics. This is a great addition to the coolers, accumulators, and hydraulic filtration products that were already available in Johannesburg.

According to Walter Heijboer, managing director of Hydac Technology, the region still needs more information about the new hydraulics products that Hydac has recently made available. He adds that educating the Johannesburg market about the aforementioned products will be one of their challenges.

Given that the market is already familiar with Hydac and its previousfiltration and hydraulics products, the company maintains a positive insight and aims to pass the challenges with flying colours.

With Hydac’s excellent reputation and renown for top of the line quality, Heijboer sees that “Hydac International is becoming a major role player in fluid management, hydraulics and drive and control, worldwide and locally and Hydac Technology aims to become part of this global initiative.”

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